Shepardson STEM Elementary, Fort Collins, CO: Family STEM Night

Collaborating with other plant biology graduate students at CSU, the Argueso Lab presented various interactive booths focusing on different aspects of plant biology geared towards elementary school students. The booths included: scientific  illustration, plant diversity, photosynthesis, and plants & microbes.


Dawn Hajdu discusses why plants are green and the different colors of lights they absorb to grow at the Photosynthesis booth.

Hannah Berry guides students in drawing a plant of their choosing at the Scientific Illustration booth.

Alyx Shigenaga showing how some microbes are pathogenic and make plants sick at the Plants & Microbes booth.

Katy McIntyre showing students stomata on epidermal peels to show how plant respire at the Photosynthesis booth.

by Cris Argueso, 2019.